Program 60
Mark your calendar for October 15th & 29th

BuckeyePass Changes are Coming in October

Smart device with Duo app icon on the screen

BuckeyePass is Ohio State’s method of multi-factor authentication. This security tool blocks hacking and identity theft attempts, using the Duo app or smartphone text messages to deliver authentication codes. Hackers now need to have two different items in order to access your information—something you know (your password) and something you have (like your smartphone).

Program 60
Lifelong Learning

Program 60: Linda Taylor's Story

After nearly five years of production, Program 60 participant Linda Taylor debuted a documentary in May 2019. Taylor started working on the documentary as an assignment for an Ohio State course she took through Program 60.

Lifelong Learning

Program 60 Participant Pursues a Passion from her Past

A woman with short grey hair wearing a scarf looks straight ahead

What if you had the chance to follow a dream you’d put off for more than 40 years? That’s the situation Suzanne Minnich faced when she retired in 2015 from her long career serving children and adults with disabilities.