Meet Your Program 60 Coordinator

Photo of a smiling woman standing outside in front of the Mount Hall sign.
Vivian Jones took the role of Program 60 coordinator in November 2018.

When new Program 60 participants have questions about registration or are looking for a class to enroll in, Vivian Jones is the friendly face in the office, voice on the phone and person behind the keyboard.

Jones began her role as an Extended Education academic advisor and Program 60 coordinator in November 2018, transitioning from her previous role as Extended Education admission counselor. In that former role, she occasionally attended events representing Program 60, which was part of what attracted her to the job.

“I was able to meet some awesome Program 60 participants and get familiarity with organizations that support geriatrics, quality of life and lifelong learning,” Jones said.

“I enjoy meeting people from all different types of backgrounds and really learning what things interest them and what keeps them motivated every day.”

As an Ohio State alumna herself, Jones believes Program 60 is an incredible opportunity for Ohio residents.

“They have countless choices at Ohio State. This is a great time to explore things you weren’t able to before, maybe in your undergraduate studies or at any other point in your life," she said. "There’s no end to the possibilities.”

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