Step 7 - Check for Fees (book, materials)

Enrollment in courses with course fees associated will require payment be made through the University Bursar Office. Program 60 participants will be held to all university and Registrar deadlines for course additions, drops and fee payment as well as the possibility of owed fees being sent to Collections.

NOTE: CarmenBooks are NON-REFUNDABLE after the 2nd Friday of the term. Please review your course materials to see if you need CarmenBooks for your class. To avoid the CarmenBooks fee, opt out by the first Friday. Reach out to with any questions. Making sure you discuss with your instructor before opting out as they may want you to have the book.


To mail a payment:

  1. Go to
  2. Click My Buckeye Link under Quick Links 
  3. Log in with your Ohio State username and password
  4. Click the Make a Payment button under the Finances heading
  5. Click Mail a Payment
  6. Generate a payment coupon and print it out
  7. Include your name and Ohio State ID number on the check and mail it with the payment coupon to: Office of the University Bursar, The Ohio State University, PO Box 183248, Columbus OH 43218-3248

To make a payment online:

  1. Go to
  2. Click My Buckeye Link under  Quick Links 
  3. Log in with your Ohio State username and password
  4. Click the Make a Payment button under the Finances heading
  5. Click Make a Payment on the Payment Options page
  6. On the Ohio State ePayment site, select Make a Payment under the Your Account heading
  7. Confirm how much is due and click Checkout
  8. Select the method of payment (credit card, electronic check or foreign currency) and click Continue Checkout
  9. Type the required information in the fields and click Continue Checkout
  10. Verify that the payment information you have provided is correct and click Submit Payment

Tuition Option Payment Plan

Program 60 participants are eligible to enroll in Ohio State’s Tuition Option Payment Plan (TOPP). Enrollment in TOPP allows for course fee payments to be made in three equal installments. There is a $30 enrollment fee, and fees owed must be $150 or greater.