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Program 60 has been serving mature learners at Ohio State since 1974. Ohio residents aged 60 years and older may participate in classes on an audit basis, when space is available.

The university community recognizes the benefits of lifelong learning and the intergenerational learning environments that Program 60 provides. Instructors who have had Program 60 participants in their classes typically find them to be engaged and dedicated to learning alongside their undergraduate or graduate students.

How does Program 60 work?

Registration, a one-time process, is open for new Program 60 participants three times a year – typically in December/January, April/May and July/August. Course enrollments are processed around that same time, after Ohio State students have had a chance to sign up for classes.

Program 60 participants must receive written instructor permission to enroll in courses with prerequisites. Some departments require participants to take additional steps or seek permission at the department level to ensure they are prepared for the academic rigor of the classes.

If a participant wants to enroll in your course, you will receive an email containing the participant’s permission request. Participants may request instructor permission before the Program 60 enrollment period begins. Please reply to these emails as promptly as you are able, approving or denying the request as you see fit.

At the end of the Program 60 enrollment period, the university will email instructors that have Program 60 participants enroll in their courses to ensure instructors are aware of any participants who will be attending their classes.

How should I decide whether to grant a Program 60 participant permission to enroll in my course?

Program 60 participants are eligible to audit courses on a space available basis. Participants may register online through the first Friday of each term and enroll in courses through the second Friday of each term. Enrollment in courses after the second Friday of the term is not permitted.

Because Program 60 participants are diverse in both their backgrounds and their learning goals, instructors are encouraged to discuss the requirements of the course with participants to ensure that the participant's level of preparation aligns with their expectations.

For questions or concerns regarding enrollment of a Program 60 participant in your course, please contact the Program 60 coordinator.

How much do coursework do Program 60 participants do?

Older student in class with younger students

The level of participation for Program 60 participants varies based on expectations set by both the instructor and the participant. Please be sure to have a conversation with your participant regarding expected participation level either prior to or during the first week of classes. Foreign language courses typically require full participation by the Program 60 participant to maintain a consistent level of knowledge in the classroom.

What do I need to know about having a Program 60 participant in my class?

Class Roster and CarmenCanvas

Program 60 participants are included in the Student Information System (SIS), are assigned an Ohio State Username (lastname.#), and will automatically appear on your class roster once they are enrolled into your course. In addition, Program 60 participants will appear on your CarmenCanvas class list and will have automatic access to your course in Carmen.

If a participant is unable to access Carmen or is not on your course roster, the following issues may exist:

  1. They have not activated their Ohio State username through my.osu.edu
  2. They have not completed the required registration form

To verify whether a participant is registered in Program 60 or enrolled in your course, please contact the Program 60 coordinator.

Code of Student Conduct

Program 60 participants are held to Ohio State’s Code of Student Conduct. If you have a participant that you feel is acting in a way that you believe is not appropriate for The Ohio State University, please contact the Program 60 coordinator or The Office of Student Life, Student Conduct, at 614-292-0748 or studentconduct@osu.edu. Calling In Classroom Conflict in the Teaching and Learning Resource Center contains strategies that can assist you in handling situations involving Program 60 participants. 

Library Resources

Program 60 participants are allowed access to Ohio State library resources. Participants must visit the Thompson Library and present their lastname.# and BuckID or other photo ID each term to reactivate their account. Because Program 60 participants appear on the class roster, automatic access is granted to the Secured Media Library.


The Program 60 participant is auditing the class and will be preassigned a grade of "R" for Audit. As the instructor, you will not be asked to issue a grade for this student beyond the "R.”

On occasion, participants are interested in receiving verification that they successfully completed a course. In these cases, some instructors have provided a letter directly to the participant. Some participants greatly appreciate receiving an informal grade for courses for which they have completed the work. Again, this communication is between you and the participant.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Program 60 coordinator.