Important Information and Dates

Ohio State campus in autumn


  • Autumn 2022 New Program 60 Registration starts July 19th and goes until August 16th. New participants and participants prior to 2017 need to register to participate in enrollment. 
  • Autumn 2022 Program 60 Enrollment (signing up for courses) starts August 2nd and goes until September 2nd.
  • Autumn 2022 Program 60 Information Session (recommended for all new participants and those needing a refresher) is July 19th from 10:00am-noon via zoom. Registration is required
  • Autumn 2022 Program 60 Orientation (goes through steps 1-7 of participation process) is August 4th from 10:00am to noon via zoom. Registration is required. 
  • New Autumn 2022 Program 60 Campus Resources Session (Representatives from different departments talk about resources available for participants on and off campus) is July 26th from 10:00am-noon via zoom. Registration is required.
  • Program 60 participants are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. For more information on how to submit your vaccination information, please visit the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website.


Program 60 participants are required to follow the same university rules and regulations as credit earning students. Please review the Code of Student Conduct to be aware of the policies and expectations of our Buckeye Community.

Below are some resources to guide you through your lifelong learning journey at Ohio State.

Important Dates

Autumn 2022 term:    August 23rd- December 7th                    

Session 1: August 23rd - October 10th
Session 2: October 17th - December 7th


 July 2022 

  • 19- Program 60 Autumn Registration to get into program starts
  • 29 –  Last day of Summer term and second session classes
  • 29 –  Final exams for second session classes

August 2022 

  • 1–3 – Final exams for Summer term classes
  • 2- Program 60 Autumn Enrollment in classes begins 
  • 7 – Summer Commencement
  • 16- Program 60 Autumn Registration to get into program ends
  • 16- Class Fees due

September 2022 

  • 2- Last day of Program 60 Enrollment in classes
  • 2- Last day to opt out of Carmen Books
  • 5- Labor day- no classes, offices closed

 October 2022 

  • 10- Last day of First Session classes
  • 17- First day of Second Session classes
  • 28- Last day to drop classes

November 2022 

  • 11- Veterans Day, no classes offices closed
  • 24- Thanksgiving, no classes offices closed
  • 25- Thanksgiving, no classes offices closed

December 2022 

  • 7- Last day of classes
  • 18- Autumn Commencement




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