Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who can take Program 60 classes?

Any Ohio resident age 60 or older is eligible to take Program 60 classes at The Ohio State University. Program 60 classes are tuition-free, non-credit/non-degree and are offered on a space-available basis at the undergraduate or graduate level. In order to participate in Program 60 you must have resided in the State of Ohio for one calendar year and be age 60 or older during the semester or term for which you complete the one-time program registration.


How much does it cost to take Program 60 classes?

Program 60 courses are tuition-free. You may need to pay for books, supplies or lab fees. There are optional expenses associated with parking and transportation, replacing a lost BuckID or purchasing a membership to the Recreation and Physical Activity Center (RPAC).


Signing Up

How do I sign up for Program 60?

Complete all the Steps to Participate and you'll be good to go! Program 60 Registration happens three times a year, in December/January, April/May and July/August.


I've walked through all the Steps to Participate! Now what?

  1. Check to make sure you've completed all the items on your "To Do" list in My Buckeye Link, which is on the right side of the page when you log in to sign up for classes. Requirements such as the Financial Responsibility Statement, Sexual Misconduct Training and the Vaccination Requirement appear here. Failure to complete these requirements can result in a hold being placed on your account and prevent you from enrolling in classes.
  2. Make sure you've looked through the Ohio State Services and Perks and Parking and Transportation sections to learn all about being at Ohio State.


Taking Classes

Do I need to buy books for my class(es)?

Books might not be required for every class, but you may have a better experience if you have the materials used for the course. Some instructors may select textbooks after classes are in session.

If you purchase books, review all return policies. Search for required textbooks at Barnes and Noble, The Ohio State University bookstore, or access a customized list within My Buckeye Link. To access this list, click "My Class Schedule," select the term, select "Continue," then "Buy Books" in the upper right-hand corner.


Some Ohio State courses are part of CarmenBooks, a program that offers digital copies of selected textbooks for a fraction of the cost of a new, physical copy. If you register for a course using CarmenBooks, you will see this discounted textbook cost reflected as a course fee.

You may choose to opt out of this program. However, if you do so, you will be responsible for obtaining your textbook and other course materials on your own. To opt out, email carmenbooks@osu.eduYou must express your interest to opt out of CarmenBooks before the end of the 100% refund period for your session. After that date, no refunds will be available.


Can I register for a course that is labeled "Digital Flagship Immersion"?

These course sections are reserved for students who have received a technology kit through Digital Flagship. While you are not permitted to register for these sections, each course with an immersion section has at least one section that does not require a technology kit and is open to all. However, this alternate section may not be offered at the same time of day.


What if the class I want to take has prerequisites?

For courses with prerequisites or for graduate-level courses, written instructor permission will be required. Permission is granted by emailing the instructor at their email address. Once permission has been received, please forward the communication to and include the following information:

  • Ohio State lastname.#
  • Course Number
  • Class Number
  • Recitation and/or Lab (if applicable)
  • Instructor Name

Enrollment will be processed within our office and confirmation will be sent.

Some courses have additional permission requirements (click on the department names below to see the prerequisite requirements):

Department of Mathematics

In order to enroll in a mathematics course that requires prerequisites, participants must obtain permission through the Math Advising Office. For a review of your relevant work or course experiences please contact the Math Advising Office via email at (participants should send emails from their BuckeyeMail account.) If a determination cannot be made based on information shared, participants may be asked to complete a Math Placement Test.

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Program 60 participants may enroll directly into SPAN or PORT 1101.01. Those wishing to take courses in Spanish and Portuguese requiring prerequisites must first take the MultiCAT placement test. The MultiCAT test will help you be placed into the level of classes that would be most appropriate for you.

Series in Applied Gerontology Education (S.A.G.E.)

With instructor approval, Program 60 participants may take the OSU S.A.G.E. online distance education program courses. Program 60 participants interested in taking an OSU S.A.G.E. course must:
  1. Email to request permission to audit an OSU S.A.G.E. course. 
  2. Upon approval, enroll in the course via My Buckeye Link and then register at Participants who do not register will not be admitted to the course.

Course Requirements

  • Because these are online courses, participants must have access to a computer to take part. Program 60 participants are required to participate in online class discussions. Non-participation will result in removal from the course. Other course assignments are not required for Program 60 participants.
  • The fee payment for the OSU S.A.G.E. courses will be waived for Program 60 participants, but participants must still purchase any required textbooks in order to successfully contribute to class discussions.
  • No more than three Program 60 participants will be admitted per course section. For clarification on this policy, email or call 614-293-4815


What is Carmen and how do I access course materials?

Carmen or CarmenCanvas is Ohio State’s online course management system, which your instructors will use to create and share course materials. Please note, this information may not be available until 24 to 48 hours before the semester start date. You log in to Carmen with your Ohio State Username (lastname.#) and password and authenticate with BuckeyePass.

If you need help understanding how to use CarmenCanvas, check out the Getting Started with Canvas guide for students in the ODEE Resource Center.


How do I drop a class?

Please refer to the Registrar List of Important Dates for course drop deadlines. Typically, drop requests must be processed by the first Friday of the term for a full refund. For additional assistance, contact the Program 60 Coordinator.